green coffee beans

Brazil Sitio Maranhao Honey

Sitio Maranhão is a family run farm high up in the mountainous region of Caldas, Sur de Minas. The Messias family focus is on producing the best quality possible that would allow them to receive a better price, thus improving the livelihood of the family and workers employed there. Icatu and Red Catuai.

This coffee is a honey preparation. Meaning, the washed coffee is pulped, then fermented to remove the mesocarp (mucilage). Honey processing sort of bridges the gap between wet and natural coffees as the cherry is pulped and then dried with the mucilage layer left on the parchment. The timing has to be precise for removal of the mucilage layer before it gets too "frumenty". The idea here is for the seed (bean) to absorb the sweetness from the mucilage, where the sugar compounds reside (sucrose). This particular coffee seems to have been immaculately processed.

Suggested Roast - Light to Medium. For espresso, a medium roast yields incredible body, sweetness, and unique flavor.

Cupping Notes: Stone fruits - peach, guava, and orange. Wild honey, various spices including clove, chocolate. Sweet, creamy body. Makes an excellent single origin espresso. Clean cup, well balanced.

Note: these are unroasted green coffee beans