green coffee beans

Brazil Moscardini

Produced by an Italian family of fourth-generation coffee growers in Brazil, the Moscardinis are among the most respected farmers inthe Alta Mogiana region. They are known for taking new approaches and using new technologies to create truly unique coffee. Coffee cherries are harvested by both hand and machine, with a portion of the harvest processed using natural controlled fermentation. These select cherries are arranged in thick piles (so they can begin to ferment) at night, the piles are coverd with large blankets to keep in their moisture. For several days, the humidity and temperature of the cherries is very carefully monitored as the fermentation continues. They the piles are spread out to thinner layers so that the fermentation coninues, but at a slower rate for a few more days. After a week or so, the coffee beans are then dried out on patios until the precise moisture level is achieved. The result is simply amazing; sweet, smooth heavenly body, and uniform flavor in the cup. This coffee is excellent for all types of brewinng including espresso, pour-over, drip, and French press. As an espresso there will be gobs of crema.

Cupping Notes: Fine wine-like aroma, clean cup and very uniform flavor notes. Peach, white tea, buttery, very sweet.

Roasting Notes: Does very well as a light roast; it does not exhibit the grassiness that is typical when most coffees are roasted too light. Instead it is more like red wine. Medium roast is the spot for espresso and pour-over.


Note: these are unroasted green coffee beans