Burundi Kinyovu

Sourced from the Kinyovu washing station near the province Kayanza, Burundi, this coffee was produced by the women of the Burundi chapter of the International Women’s Coffee Association, the first African chapter of IWCA to become a legally recognized entity.The IWCA provides access to business opportunities in the coffee industry, as well as social, economic and political empowerment for women in coffee communities.

At less than 900 bags/year produce, this is a microlot coffee available in limited quantities. The4rfore it is not something we'll be able to carry on a regular basis. How unfortunate!

Cupping Notes: Very sweet, well balanced, mild acidity, and intense body best characterize this coffee making it ideal for creating perfect single-origin espresso or pour-over.

Roasting Notes: 15 seconds before 2nd crack. If using as an espresso, try and lengthen the roast a little after 1st crack to develop sweetness. There is very low acidity in this coffee so there's not much point in a very light roast. Rather, a darker roast (medium+) will bring out its finer attributes: sweetness and body.

Note: this is unroasted green coffee