green coffee beans

Guatemala "El Milagro" from Huehuetenango


Grown by the Villatoro family on the Finca El Milagro farm. This is a fully washed, sun dried Caturra.

Huehuetenango is located along the ridges of the Sierra de los Cuchumatanes, the highest mountain chain of Central America, with altitudes that 4,000 meters.

The unique, rich volcanic soil combined with very high altitude make for excellent coffee farming. This coffee is SHB (Strictly Hard Bean).


huehuetenango coffee


Cupping Notes: High intensity dry aroma, becoming evenmore intense on the wet break. Stone fruit, lemony acidity. Chocolate. Creamy mouthfeel. with long, sweet tea finish.

Roasting Notes: Light roast for more citrus flavors, medium dramatically brings out the chocolate notes. Holds up well to darker roasts for those so inclined.



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