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Guatemala Huehuetenango Zaculeu

Pronounced "way-way-ten-on-go"

Huehuetenango is located along the ridges of the Sierra de los Cuchumatanes, the highest mountain chain of Central America, with altitudes that 4,000 meters. Zaculeu is an area within Huehuetenango that is one of the main tourist attractions in Guatemala because of the ancient Mayan ruins.

The unique, rich volcanic soil combined with very high altitude make for excellent coffee farming. This coffee is SHB (Strictly Hard Bean).

huehuetenango coffee


Cupping Notes: Vibrant, vanilla, black cherry.. The acidity is fairly typical for a coffee from this region. Clean cup with strong lemon impression as it cools. What struck us most about this coffee is the elegance of the dry fragrance.

Roasting Notes: Light roast for drip pour-over brewing such as Chemex, Hario and Melita. Holds up well to darker roasts with chocolaty flavors so characteristic of very high grown Guatemalans.



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