green coffee beans

Guatemala El Zapote - Chimaltenango

Finca Zapote is located about 80 kilometers from Guatemala City. Since the farm is located between closed mountain ranges, temperature, cloud coverage, mist and sunlight provide the perfect conditions for coffee production. It is from the Acetenango region

The unique, rich volcanic soil combined with very high altitude make for excellent coffee farming. This coffee is SHB (Strictly Hard Bean).

huehuetenango coffee


Cupping Notes: Vibrant. Jasmine, light lemon grass, coffee blossom. lime and peach. Sweet lemony aftertaste

Roasting Notes: Light - medium roast for drip pour-over brewing such as Chemex, Hario and Melita. Holds up well to darker roasts with chocolaty flavors so characteristic of very high grown Guatemalans.



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Note: these are green coffee beans