Uganda Bugisu Sipi Falls

Uganda is a unique coffee growing region. It is landlocked and strife with political unrest. Despite this, the Ugandans know how to produce good coffee and have been doing so for a long time. Flavorful, bright, wildflower aroma; typical of African coffees from this region.

Cup Characteristics:
Malty at a darker roast with cedar-pine like overtones. Stone fruits (peach, plum, cherry), tangerine. Strong finish.

Roasting Tips: City ++seems to be the sweet spot. This is not what we consider a "delicate" coffee such as a very high grown El Salvador or Panama, so if roasted light, it will not produce the perfume-like aroma like one would expect out of a high quality Central American estate coffee. Instead, it should be roasted rather hard to produce a vibrant boldness in both flavor and aroma.

Note: this is unroasted green coffee