green coffee beans

Brazil Daterra "Full Bloom"


Rain Forest Alliance and Organic Certified

These are amazing Tuscan-style beans that are technically a blend of several cultivars grown on the Daterra Farms in Brazil. . "Tuscan style" can be said to mean simple, yet elegant, Mediterranean in nature, that is prepared under strict, traditional Italian style. Think of a perfectly poured demitasse of espresso with a deep, deep thick reddish crema placed on a small saucer with a fresh stick of heavy flavored bisecting sitting next to it.

Cupping Notes: Intriguing chiffon-like fragrance. Coffee blossom, intense macadamia nut, . Honey, plum-like stone fruit. Hints of blueberry. Winy with a long sweet cocoa finish. It only gets better as it cools.

Roasting Notes: Medium roast (espresso), light-medium for pour-over. If possible, slow the roast way down after first crack being careful not to stall it,. Stretch the roast out using low heat. These are pulped-natural processed bean, so too much heat will cause tipping.

Note: these are unroasted green coffee beans