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Brazil Peaberry "Pearl"- Daterra Farms

Daterra is known for its innovative research, its respect for the environment and its high quality coffee. Their coffee has been widely recognized in competitions such as BSCA (Brazil Specialty Coffee Association) Cup of Excellence. Plantations are located in the sub-tropical regions of the Cerrado (State of Minas Gerais) and of the Mogiana (State of Sao Paulo) at an average altitude of 3,800 ft. The climate, altitude, rainfall, and unique location make Daterra one of the world’s finest growing regions for specialty dry natural coffees. Daterra has divided its landmass into 88 mini-farms demarcated by coffee variety; Peaberry being one of them. Brazil Daterra Peaberry is an organic, unique small round bean filled with intense sweet aromatics, distinctive nuttiness with a hint of soft fruit; soft but distinctive. Its aroma is fruity and sweet, its flavor is nutty and fruity and it holds a rich velvet crema. Daterra’s Peaberry is a perfect espresso component, blender or a single estate brewed coffee.

Suggested Roast - Medium

Cupping Notes: : Moderate intensity aroma, nutty flavor, rich velvety mouth feel, crisp and light acidity with a clean bright finish. Pleasant lingering aftertaste.

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Note: these are unroasted green coffee beans