green coffee beans
Costa Rica Dota Tarrazu - El Conquistador

The most famous coffees by region in Costa Rica are Tarrazu and Tres Rios. This coffee is is from the sub region Dota Tarrazu. It is of the caturra and catuai varietals and is not considered an estate coffee, rather it is from a small, very selective co-op.

The seeds are relatively small, 16-17 screen, and given the high altitude of 1500 meters they are very dense with distinctive cup character being attributable to the unique volcanic soil in the area in which the farmers grow their crop.

Cupping notes: Mild berry-like fruit, not citrus. Light coffee blossom and cedar with a hint of smokiness. Vanilla milk chocolate with lavenderish undertones. Medium body. Clean cup; complex. Sweetens as it cools with more vanilla hints appearing along the way. Pleasant aftertaste.

Roasting notes: This coffee reveals itself in different ways with varying roast levels. Try it as light, medium, and dark and see for yourself!


Note: these are green coffee beans