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Costa Rica El Trapiche

Not your typical coffee from Costa Rica. Grown an a very high altitude (~5,000 ft above sea level), these beans are of the Catuai variety. The extreme altitude coupled with the constant cloud covering that envelops the mountain peaks separating the Pacific from the Atlantic ocean create a long maturation cycle. El Trapiche goes through a natural (dry) process). These factors result in a sweeter and more balanced coffee, with a somewhat muted fruitiness typical of most Costa Rican coffees.

Cupping Notes: Plum, stone fruit, chocolaty. The kind of sweetness found in ripe fruit.

Roasting Notes: Light to medium roast. The beans will appear somewhat uneven in color before and after roasting. This is normal and is part of the natural drying process they've undergone.

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Note: these are un roasted green coffee beans