green coffee beans

Costa Rica Tarraz˙ Hacienda La Pradera

Hacienda La Pradera is a 180 hectare coffee estate right smack in the middle of the Tarraz˙ region. It is roughly 4,000 feet above sea level which is considered very high in the coffee growing world. This makes for a longer growing season which gives the caturra variety coffee beans lots of time to mature in rich volcanic soil.

Cupping Notes: Very bright, sweet and medium-full body. maple, chocolate-orange, and bittersweet cocoa.

Roasting Notes: Medium roast. The beans are large and should roast up very evenly. If you like dark, La Pradera is the one to do it with. Roasting darker will bring out more caramel-chocolatey flavors (not too dark though!).

coffee mill

coffee cart

Note: these are un roasted green coffee beans