green coffee beans

El Salvador Finca Malacara - Organic

This is an SHG (Strictly High Grown) grade organic coffee from the Santa Ana region of El Salvador. The estate has been owned and managed by the Alvarez Lopez family since 1889. The farms are separated into three separate sub-farms, Malacara A, B, and C. This coffee comes from farm C. It is 85% Bourbon and Pacamara, 14% Catimore and 1% Cuzcatleco. Grown beneath a shade canopy consisting of trees such as cedar, walnut, macadamia, gravileo and avocado. Elevation ranges from 1,300-1,700 meters above sea level.

Cupping Notes: Lively cup with broad range of flavors: honey, grapes, pecans, chocolate. Pleasant, citrusy lingering aftertaste.

Roasting Notes: City+. Holds up well to a darker roast which brings out vanilla, malt, chocolate.



Coffee Blossoms


Note: these are green coffee beans