green coffee beans

El Salvador Cayetano Estate

Cayetano is a natural processed bean produced by a tiny estate high up in the mountains of El Salvador. The farm produces a very limited number of bags per year and is considered to be a microlot coffee. An "estate coffee" is basically a farm that controls the coffee beans from seedlings all the way through final processing. There are fewer and fewer of these such estates in countries like El Salvador where civil war and gang violence has plagued the country for years.

Cupping Notes: Lively cup with broad range of flavors: sweet lemon, clove, coffee blossom. Pleasant, lingering aftertaste. High on sweetness, balanced up.

Roasting Notes: Although very high grown, the natural processing these beans have gone through render them to be delicate. Do not apply too much heat, if possible. Be gentle with then to avoid tipping. The best spot for these beans is City to City +. Otherwise the intense floral notes go right out the roaster's exhaust!



Coffee Blossoms


Note: these are green coffee beans