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Ethiopia Organic Sidamo - Shantawene

The Shantawene coffee mill is found within the small village of the Shantawene and serves around 1500 local growers. It is located in the foothills of the Bombe Mountains and thus higher than many of the mills in the region, pulling from slower-ripening coffee trees (due to high altitude and cooler weather). The soil in the area is very nutrient-dense, and groves of inset (faux banana) intermingle with the coffee trees. This washing station is the result of several years of preparation for Sidama coffee man Assefa Dukamo and his family.

Cupping Notes: Intense dry and wet aroma. Cedar, winey, and elegant. Flavor is dark chocolate malt, fresh pine, cedar, coffee blossom, lemon. Mild berries (blueberry, black berry, raspberry). Very complex and deep. Moderate clean-cup. Sweet throughout the temperature range.

Roasting Notes: It would be unfortunate to pay a premium price for these beans, then to dark roast them. Anywhere between City and City ++. If possible, slow the roast way down right before 1st crack and being careful not to stall the roast (descending bean temperature), slowly finish the roast over the next three minutes. If a bean temperature probe is available, drop the beans at 415 F. The beans will look very uneven when finished. It is okay to pick out some of the very light ones, but not necessary. Just don't pick them all out as they are cosmetic in nature and contribute to the complexity of the cup. This is typical for sun-dried Ethiopian coffees.

Note: these are unroasted green coffee beans