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Ethiopia Sidamo Wottona Bultuma

Sidamo Wottona Bultum is an exceptionally bright and full-bodied coffee grown on 1,400 hectares of rich earth in Ethiopia’s southwestern highlands. These beans are fully washed with very few minor defects.

Cupping Notes: Intense dry and wet aroma. Cedar, winey. Syrupy body. Flavor is dark chocolate malt, coffee blossom, lemon, and mild-moderate berries. Complex and deep. Moderate clean-cup. Sweet throughout the temperature range. The thick body is the most pronounced feature in the cup.

Roasting Notes: . Anywhere between City and City++. If possible, slow the roast way down right before 1st crack and being careful not to stall the roast (descending bean temperature), slowly finish the roast over the next three minutes. SInce these beans undergo a washed-process, the end result should be fairyly even looking roasted beans, unlike most unwashed coffees from Ethiopia.

Note: these are unroasted green coffee beans