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Ethiopia Danch Meng

Another awesome coffee from Ethiopia this year. From the Dumerso Village in the Yirgacheffe zone of Ethiopia. High grown at nearly 2000 meters. This is considered to be more or less a blend of coffees from this area to create a tailor-made taste profile. Works great for all brewing methods including single-origin espresso.

Cupping Notes: Intense dry and wet aroma. Cedar, winey, and elegant. Flavor is dark chocolate malt, cedar, coffee blossom. Multiple berries (blueberry, black berry, raspberry). Very complex and deep. Moderate clean-cup. Sweet throughout the temperature range with syrupy aftertaste.

Roasting Notes: It would be unfortunate to pay a premium price for these beans, then to dark roast them. Anywhere between City and City ++. If possible, slow the roast way down right at 1st crack and be careful not to stall the roast (descending bean temperature), slowly finish the roast over the next three minutes.

Note: these are unroasted green coffee beans