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Ethiopia Konga

Ethiopian Konga coffee is one in a network of cooperatives belonging to YCFCU (Yirgacheffe Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union). This in a true heirloom coffee. Heirloom coffees are direct descendants of the Bourbon and Typica cultivars of arabica. So why call it "heirloom"? It is an interesting subject. In Ethiopia, it is estimated that there are between five and ten thousand coffee varietals growing wildly in forests. These are all called "heirlooms" because none have actually been studied and given their own classification bases on their genetic uniqueness. Konga is comprised of heirloom verticals that are carefully chosen from the forest and transplanted to small "farms" (more like small gardens). This adds a layer of selection to the incredible complexity that is available among wild coffee plants. This also means "Konga" is more likely to change in character not only from year to year, crop to crop, but also bag to bag!

Cupping Notes: Citrus (pink grapefruit), berries jasmine, chocolate, malt. Sweet lemons as it cools in the cup. Smooth body.

Roasting Notes: It would be unfortunate to pay a premium price for these beans, then to dark roast them. Anywhere between City and City +.

Note: these are unroasted green coffee beans