Ethiopia Yirgacheffe - Worka Chebellsa

The town of Worka is located in the southern region of Yirgacheffe, an area called Gedeb Woreda. As is typical of many Ethiopian coffees, small towns such as this form cooperatives with everyone in the neighborhood growing coffee on their small lots - usually less than an acre in size. Cherries are brought to the community washing station at Worka. Coffee is grown at 1900 meters above sea level

Roasting Notes: Light roasted is best, and no more than City +, otherwise the flavor goes right out of your roasters exhaust. The beans are fairly small, which is typical for Yirgacheffe coffees, so don't apply too much heat, especially in the beginning of the roast, if your roaster has heat control. If not, try not to use anything less than your roasters max capacity for each batch. This will help prevent tipping.

Cupping Notes: Intense, elegant aroma on the dry, wet, and break. Red wine, cedar, cocoa, raspberry. Very nice sweetness as the cup cools. . Pleasant aftertaste.

Note: these are unroasted green coffee beans