Ethiopia Yirgacheffe - Misty Valley

Kochere is southwest of the town of Yirga Cheffe and near a little village of Ch'elelek'tu in the Gedeo zone. While a "classic" Yirga coffee, all of the sub regions tend to have different flavor profiles. Adado - stone fruit, Konga - citrus and stone fruit. Natural processed. This is a sweet, mild berry and rose-like (coffee roses, that is).

Roasting Notes: Light roasted is best, and no more than City ++, otherwise the flavor goes right out of your roasters exhaust. The roast may appear uneven, but this is normal for this bean. Let the roast "rest" for at least two days before brewing and be amazed.

Cupping Notes: Intense aroma on the dry, wet, and break. Elegant wine, fine leather, and coffee blossom. High on sweetness. Pleasant aftertaste. Makes for good espresso.

Note: these are unroasted green coffee beans