green coffee beans

Guatemala San Marcos Barrancas

San Marcos Barrancas gets its name from the small mountain town of Barranca Grande or "Big Ravine". Coffees here are grown on the sides of deep, seemingly endless ravines.

The people of Barranca Grande choose to cultivate Bourbon type coffee for its quality, despite that there are many higher yielding, more disease resistant varietals to choose from.

Farmers take full advantage of the slow maturation of coffee cherries caused by high elevation, tall shade canopy, prevailing clouds and mists by picking just beyond the traditional point. The ripe cherries lean toward purple in color rather than red. This mature picking helps develop juicy plum flavors in the cup and provide deeper complexity.

Cupping Notes: Bittersweet chocolate, pink grapefruit, plum, bright, tropical fruit

Roasting Notes: roast lighter to bring out sharp citrus notes. Medium roast increases complexity and plum characteristics, darker yet brings out the bittersweet chocolate.

Purple coffee cherries

Note: these are green coffee beans