green coffee beans

Guatemala Antigua - Bella Carmona Peaberry
Antigua Bella Carmona is a single estate coffee coming from the traditional area of Antigua. The valley is surrounded by three volcanoes, Agua, Fuego, and Acatenango. These mountains create an ideal micro-climate for growing superb coffee. The high heat of the day is neutralized by cool and dry evenings.

These are peaberry coffees; smaller and more round in shape than regular beans. Normally there are two "seeds' or beans inside a coffee cherry. In case of peaberries, only one seed formed within the cherry. This is why the beans are more round in shape. The theory is, since only one seed in the cherry, it gets more nutrients, thus "more goodness" than it would if there were two seeds in the cherry. The Lost Dutchman Jury is out on this one. Easy arguments could be made either way. At any rate, these peaberry beans from Bella Carmona are a rare find and make for an excellent cup full of brightness.

Cupping Notes: Pronounced acidity with lemons and oranges. flavor. Intense aroma on the wet break. Meyer's Lemon sweet aftertaste. Roast it dark and chocolate notes abound.,

Roasting Notes: Although the beans are hard, they are relatively small. If heat control is an option, roast them at a slightly less temp setting than used for larder hard beans. City roast brings out intense citrus. Full City brings out the milk chocolate nuances.

Note: these are green coffee beans