green coffee beans

Guatemala El Carmen-Acatenango

From Los Planes Acatenango which is part of the larger Chimaltenango Province. El Carmen is a well established from dating back to the 1030's. Varietals include typica, mundo novo, bourbon (mostly this one) and caturra. SHB (Strictly Hard Bean). Grown at an altitude between 4,000-4,500 feet above sea level on the slopes of a strato-volcano. A strato volcano is a very, very tall one.

Cupping Notes: chocolaty and lemon acidity. Moderate to intense dry aroma becoming very intense at the wet break. Nice citrus finish. Clean cup.

Roasting Notes: A lighter roast profile produces a lot cleaner with pronounced citrusy notes. A darker profile firms up the body and highlights the chocolaty notes.

Note: these are green coffee beans