India Mysore Nuggets- Merthi Subbangudigy Estate/Cauvery

Mysore Nuggets is a traditional market name for wet-processed Arabica coffee from southern India that's been grown, picked, and selected by hand. Where did the name come from? Some say it's because there is gold in the nuggets that is. So somehow "Coffee Nuggets from Mysore became "Mysore Nuggets". We'll leave the rest to your imagination.

These Mysore Nuggets are from Kalladevapura Estate at about 4,200 feet of elevation in the Baba Budan region of Chikmagalur. The coffee beans are very nice condition with almost no brokens, insect bites, or damage of any kind. These are truly specialty grade coffee as set by SCAA's high standards.


Cupping Notes: Slight acidity and spicyness in the cup Smooth, elegant, and buttery with a mocha overtone when roasted correctly.


Roasting Notes: A fairly hard bean, this coffee does well at a dark roast. Be careful not to apply too much heat early on or tipping may occur. For a home roasting machines with limited heat control, this means it might not be a good idea to use less than "full batch" in the roaster. For something different, try roasting several batches at different roast level and mixing them together to create a melange.


note: these are unroasted green coffee beans