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Kenya Chania AA Peaberry

The "AA" means the screen size is 18, or 18/64 (7.20mm). The main growing areas stretch from the slopes of Mt. Kenya almost to the capital of Nairobi.

Chania Estate is owned by the Harries Family, they own several farms in Thika, Kiambu, Kenya and have been around since 1926.. This coffee is grown at an altitude of around 3,500 ft msl. The variety is French Mission Bourbon, which is unique.

Cupping Notes: Intense Malt dry aroma becoming even more intense as a wet aroma. Flavor is orange-berry like and chocolate covered cherries, becoming very sweet and clean tasting as the cup cools. Pleasant lingering sweet lemon aftertaste.

Roasting Notes: Although they are hard beans, they should be roasted somewhat gently (not too high of heat too soon). After first crack, slow it down if your roaster permits; otherwise since the beans are more round that typical coffee beans, the inside might roast much lighter than the outer portion of the bean.

Note: this is unroasted green coffee