Kenya Gakundu AA


This elegant coffee originates from a region on the slopes of Mount Kenya. Many of the most valued Kenyan coffees originate from this area. Mount Kenya and its surrounding areas are volcanic regions where the soils are a deep rich red, very well drained and full of vital nutrients. Rainfall is in good supply averaging 1800mm per year, across two seasons, feeding the many rivers and tributaries that supply the farms with fresh water. The equator crosses Mount Kenya providing lots of sunshine while the elevation prevents the temperatures from exceeding 82 degrees Fahrenheit allowing for the optimum growing conditions. Elevation of this coffee is from 1500m to 1800m (5000-6000 ft.) above sea level.Gakundu is the name of a co-op that does the processing for the people/farmers of Gakundu.

Roasting Notes: Coffee beans from the Gakundu co-op are very well processed with few defects to be found. As with most quality Kenyans, roasting beyond Medium forces the complex acidity right out the roaster's exhaust. For those that like light roasts, this is a good coffee is excellent for bringing out coffee blossom notes.. Medium roast tends to bring out more body and dark brown sugar notes (sweet molasses chocolate, and sweet malt.

Cupping Notes: Cedar aroma. Apricot, coffee blossom, malt flavor combined with vanilla, giving it a more or less typical complexity that one would expect from a fine Kenyan coffee. Good sweetness as the cup cools. Pleasant aftertaste.

Note: these are unroasted green coffee beans