Mexico Tablon 2

A 310 hectare farm at the edge of Chiapas, Mexico, on the "Ruta de Cafe" (Route of Coffee), Finca Guadeloupe Zaju is located very near the Guatemalan border. This coffee growing region was established under management from German immigrants over a hundred years ago. Coffees from this farm are typically noted by numbers (we're not sure why), hence "Tablon #2". We cupped several other digits and found this to be the best to our liking.

Roasting notes: This coffee holds up well to a darker roast and can take a fair amount of heat, but shines at City ++ (medium roast just a tad on the lighter side).

Cupping Notes: Chocolatey with hints of pine nuts. moderate acidity. Nutty aftertaste.

Note: these are un roasted green coffee beans