Mexico Chiapas Turquesa

Grown on high, jagged mountainous slopes near the city of Yajalon, "Turquesa" (named after the precious stone) coffee is characterized by a uniform, balanced cup.

The Chiapas zone has been the center of many political and ethnic conflicts over the years which has prevented any large estate coffee farms from coming into being, so the coffee here is cultivated mainly by smallholders; essentially descendants of indigenous tribes. The coffee is planted, harvested, and prepared by hand in a meticulous manner. Various large coffee importers work with the producers to ensure high quality and in return, the farmers get fair prices for their product. We feel that the quality of this coffee is testament to the hard efforts of both the farmers and the importers they work with.

Roasting notes: This coffee holds up well to a darker roast and can take a fair amount of heat, but shines at City ++ (medium roast just a tad on the lighter side).

Cupping Notes: Chocolatey with hints of oak. Stone fruit, moderate acidity. .Well rounded and balanced. Pleasant aftertaste.

Note: these are un roasted green coffee beans