Mexico Chiapas Turquesa

Grown on high, jagged mountainous slopes near the city of Yajalon, "Turquesa" coffee is characterized by a uniform, balanced cup.

Turquesa, or turquoise, takes its name from the precious blue-green gemstone that was revered by the Aztecs, Toltec and other early Mexican cultures..

This coffee comes from smallholder producers (small farms) who delibver to the San Cristobal de las Casas buying stations in norther Chiapas. Grown at altitudes from 900-1,100 meters the beans are characterized by their large, round sizes.

Roasting notes: This coffee holds up well to a darker roast and can take a fair amount of heat, but shines at City ++ (medium roast just a tad on the lighter side). We prefer a lighter-medium roast which brings out the sweet nuances the beans have to offer. The beans are very fresh and show signs of being very well processed (they are washed or "wet" processed).

Cupping Notes: Chocolatey with hints of oak. Stone fruit, moderate acidity. Milk chocolate. Well rounded and balanced with medium body. Pleasant sweet aftertaste.

Note: these are un roasted green coffee beans