Nicaragua El Recreo Pacamara Honey Prep Microlot

El Recreo is a family owned farm located in Jinotega, Nicaragua. The coffee is grown under Rainforest Alliance principles using eco-friendly growing techniques. The Ferrey family has had to completely rebuild the farm three times in the last 50 years due to political instability, but they keep hanging in there!

The term "Pacamara" is a joining of the words "Pacas" and "Maragogype"; two different cultivars melded together.

For this Honey preparation, the process goes something like this: Handpicked fully ripe cherries with a brix (sugar content) measure of 23 to 25. After the cherries are selected, they are pulped using a Penagos system (a sorting method). From here, the coffees are taken to covered patios where the coffee is allowed to ferment for 12 hours, unmoved. After the initial 12 hours, the coffee is then moved and rotated every 30 minutes until dried. This process creates a “Turon” which is when honey processed coffees create masses/clumps due to all of the residual sugars left on the outside of the parchment. Afterwards the drying process is more or less the same as other coffee; drying to achieve 12% moisture content.


Cupping and Roasting Notes:

Sweet molasses, strong hints of mango and other stone fruits turning to orange-lemon as it cools in the cup.

Roasting notes: Medium roast preserves the unique flavor whit emphasis of the sweet molasses found in the technical cupping session.


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Note: these are unroasted green coffee beans