Rwanda Kotwibakabo

There are many small farms in Rwanda that are far to small to be referred to as "Estates", which is commonly (and erroneously) used to refer to any kind of "single farms that are not part of a co-op". It gets a lot more technical than this short description, but that's the jist of it.

Rwanda coffee consists of unusual and complex taste characteristics that are unique to the region. This particular coffee, called "Kotwibakabo" comes from a co-op. Kotwibakabo comes from a small growing area where the farms are adjacent to each other with little to no defining boundaries between them, thus one could say the Kotwibakabo coffee all comes from the same farm with the difference being the actual farmers tending for the trees in their own areas. It is all the same climate and soil. As with nearly all Rwandan coffees, the beans for from the Bourbon cultivar (pronounced "Bur-bone").

Cupping Notes: Sweet aroma, buttery chocolate flavors, floral (coffee blossom) with light citrus overtones (ripe tangerine).

Roasting Notes: Nice at a medium roast level (City ++).

Note: this is unroasted green coffee