Rwanda Bumbogo

Muraho Bumbogo is from the Bumbogo Washing Station in the Gakenke district of Northern Rwanda and supplied by Muraho Trading Company. This coffee is fully washed Red Bourbon that has been fermented for 12 hours and sun-dried for 30 days.

Muraho developed a nursery for 110,000 seedlings (Kilimbi 50,000 and Rugali 60,000) and distributed them successfully to their family of Farmers in Nyamasheke. This program helps them train and educate small coffee producers in better agricultural practices in order for them to gain better yields from their trees.

Cupping Notes: Dry and wet aroma of coffee blossoms, moderate acidity, floral, medium body. Orange-vanilla and malt. Intensified sweetness and lemony as it cools down. Well balanced. Pleasant aftertaste.

Roasting Notes: No darker than medium, or else the delicate, blossom notes disappear into the smoke. The sweet spot for us is City+

Note: this is unroasted green coffee