Sumatra Horas Tano Batak


The Horas Tano Batak - from the Lake Toba region on the island of Sumatra. The word "Tano" is a term used for sorting and grading coffee. Like most Sumatrans, this is considered "small holder" farm coffee - similar to a cooperative where a small village, in this case a tribe, mill coffees from very small plots. The Horas tribe is very meticulous in the preparation and final coffee product they produce.

Roasting Notes: Our recommendation is to resist the urge to over-roast these beans. Most good quality Sumatrans roast darker than they appear to be. 10 seconds or so into 2nd crack is more than enough, unless one really prefers a darker roast. Roasting it light will prove an excellent example dispelling the myth that Sumatrans should be roasted dark. Nothing is further from the truth!

Cupping Notes: Intense dry aroma. Vanila, molasses's, fine wine. Very syrupy body, clean cup. There are very, very few defects in this coffee.

Note: these are unroasted green coffee beans