Sumatra Blue Batak

Batak_tiger Blue Batak green coffee bean

Farmed by the Batak peoples of Lake Toba that are the indigenous tribe that work in the Lintong area of Sumatra. These beans undergo special preparation of being triple picked to remove most of the defective, split or damaged beans.

In the cup this coffee is heavy bodied, pronounced molasses nuance with hidden fruitiness. Roast it dark and chocolate flavors become apparent.

In its green form, the beans are very deep, green-bluish in color. This is a an extremely well process coffee with very few brokens and otherwise damaged beans.

Our recommendation is to resist the urge to over-roast these beans. Most good quality Sumatrans roast darker than they appear to be. 15-30 seconds or so into 2nd crack is more than enough, unless one really prefers a darker roast. Unevenness in finished roast color is normal.


Note: these are unroasted green coffee beans