Sumatra Golden Gayo


The Gayo Mountain Coffee factory is located in Takengon. Dutch Aid originally built the Gayo Mill about 20 years ago. It is surrounded by a compound including 22 homes, drying patios, 23 fermentation tanks and processing for washed, semi-pulped and natural coffees. The Dutch had seen washing mills in Africa and Latin America and duplicated one in Aceh.

The Mill managed to stay open during the recent war there, despite attacks, hostages taken and hijacked containers. Due to political and social unrest in the area, Gayo Mill tries to maintain a stable and rewarding environment for its employees. The majority have been there for 20 plus years, turnover is rare and salaries have increased. There are current plans underway to build a health clinic, a nursery school and playground. The main cooperative in the region, Tunas Indah, has their main office inside the compound. Tunas Indah has over 5000 growers each averaging one hectare.

Our recommendation is to resist the urge to over-roast these beans. Most good quality Sumatrans roast darker than they appear to be. 30 seconds or so into 2nd crack is more than enough, unless one really prefers a darker roast.

Cupping Notes: Intense dry aroma. Clean tasting cup. Earthy but not dirty. syrupy body. Sweet lingering aftertaste. Not sure where the "Golden" comes from in the name as the beans are more of a bluish-green with very few physical defects.

Note: these are unroasted green coffee beans