Zimbabwe AB Salimba Estate

Salimba Estate is located around 3,000 feet above sea level. It is an older estate dating back to the 1950's. These beans are of the Catimore variety, in which a program is in place to uproot and replant all the shrubs every eight years which allows cherries to be be harvested from young trees, largely disease free.

The "AB" in the name refers to beans size, with "AA" being the largest (18+ screen), then "AB" (17 screen).

Cup Characteristics:
Wet break: Cedar. Flavors: Chocolate, sweet caramel, pipe tobacco, stone fruit. Clean cup and surprisingly bright. These beans make for a really nice cup of coffee, especially considering the relatively low cost.

Roasting Tips: City + or even Full City seems to be the sweet spot. These beans are grown at a moderately high altitude, so can are fairly hard and can take a good amount of heat, but do be careful not to apply too much at a time (for roasters that have manual heat control.


Note: this is unroasted green coffee