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Note - If you're looking for our coffee house in Mesa, AZ., click here to get to our cafe's web site for more information including location and hours of operation.


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Green Coffee Beans for Home Roasters

Welcome to The Lost Dutchman Coffee Home Roasting Web Site. We want to be your Green Coffee supplier. Checkout our extensive green coffee bean offerings and compare our low prices with other online green coffee suppliers.

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Updates and News:

Important Notice - Local pick-ups can be made at our Downtown Mesa location - "Lost Dutchman Coffee House" - at 12 N Center Street. Email or text messages will be provided when your order is ready to be picked up. Please indicate which method is preferred during check-out, otherwise expect an email message - usually within 24 hours of placing your order.

3/14/18 - Guatemala Finca El Milagro, from the Huehuetenango region of Guatemala is now available. This is a higher-end Guatemalan grown by the Villatoro family. If you like chocolatey notes, this is it. Stay tuned for more arrivals from Africa and Indonesia.

2/29/18 - Mexico "Tablon 2" added to our green offering page. This is a higher-end Mexican coffee from the Chiapas area.

We're excited about new arrivals due in late next week: A rare triple-picked Sumatran Longberry, a nice Tanzanian coffee, and Yirgacheffe "Wenago" - a combination of strawberry, raspberry, and blueberry going on with this one. Also a new Brazil - more on that later. These coffees should be available by the 2nd week of March.

1/31/18 - Just in: Sumatra Reje Gayo - an amazing coffee bean from the Nagro Aceh Darusalam region of Indonesia. Great for espresso and pour-over with thick, syrupy body.

No Sweet Blue yet. Our Brazil importer informed us that they are in process of shifting their Daterra Collection of Brazils around the country to different locations. Hopefully we'll be able to get some in February sometime.

1/21/18 - New shipping option for up to 6 pounds. For an 8$ flat rate through U.S. Post Office, you can get up to 6 lbs green coffee shipped anywhere in the country. Note that due to limitations in setting up this option, it is actually "up to 6 pounds total" on the order; so it actually includes anything (bags, filters, etc.). This is a nice option for those that only want to order a few pounds at a time.

1/20/17 - Out of El Salvador Cayetano. Incoming (in a week or two) includes Daterra Farms Sweet Blue, some really nice Sumatran Gayo......others?

12/13/18 - Additional shipping option now available. Up to 32 lbs green coffee can now be shipped via U.S. Post Office for a maximum cost of $34. We've found this to be a considerably less expensive and faster than other shipping methods for locations far from Arizona; up to $15 less for a 32 lb order.

12/9/17 - Finally! Rwanda Bumbogo is up and available. Also, Guatemala Huehuetenango . "Huey" is a nice change from Antiguas and Cobans. It is grown in a slightly different type of volcanic soil that renders it unique from other Guatemalans.

11/30/17 - Papua New Guinea Sigri Peaberry now available. We used to have this coffee several years ago and are pretty happy to have it back.

The Rwanda's in, but Valic hasn't gotten around to posting it. Should be up soon.

11/19/17 Rwanda Bumbogo is on the way! Should be available later this week, assuming Valic puts it up on the site.

11/04/17 - Incoming (not yet though) - A new microlot from Rwanda. From a small farming village, this coffee is brought to the the "Bumbogo Washing Station" for processing. Red Bourbon cultivar. To our knowledge, this coffee is just now becoming available in the U.S. Even by microlot standards, the amount produced each year is small, but the quality is very good. It will be available by mid-late November.

9/19/17 - Out of Yirgacheffe - for now. It'll be back in stock within two weeks.

8/19/17 - Incoming African coffees - we're expecting a nice Zimbabwe and an outstanding Ugandan coffee to arrive late next week. They should be available by next Friday.

7/2/17 - Burundi Kinyovu is now available on our green coffee offering sheet. This is a truly amazing coffee with low acidity, slippery body, high on florals (coffee blossom).

6/14/17 - Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is now available. Burundi's in but not yet posted (will be soon) - Valic

6/3/17 - Out of Rwandan. Incoming coffees include a knock-your-sox-off Burundi, a new Kenyan, and a very nice Yirgacheffe. Valic should have them up and with detailed descriptions by the end of next week.

4/2/17 - Horas Tano Batak - a new Sumatra coffee offering has been added to our green coffee page. Coming soon (as soon as Valic gets to it), is a nice El Salvador natural coffee.

Our Products:
We offer a wide variety of green coffee beans from around the world.
Those new to the home roasting coffee experience will find the Home Roasting Basics Information page both interesting and informative. Here you can learn how easy it is to roast your own green coffee and make the best possible roasted coffee available. There is also an occasional home roasting newsletter and other coffee info available for your reading enjoyment.

We hope you enjoy this site and welcome you to browse around. For local customers, we are an Arizona coffee supplier of green coffee beans. Local pick-ups are available at the Lost Dutchman Coffee House located right smack in the middle of Downtown Mesa.
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