We started roasting as a hobby using a small home roaster.  It was made by Hearthware, which is no longer made but it still works and we have it sitting up on a shelf.  It didn’t take long until we decided to make a go at sourcing our own beans along with contacting various home-roasting manufacturers  and starting our own green coffee and home roasting supply business. It was a lot of work and took a lot of time to build the business!  One thing led to another and next thing we knew, an Ambex 5K machine was on it’s way to our small corner spot in a warehouse, where we began a selling roasted coffee also to help support the business.This helped us to be able to acquire a larger variety of inventory.  We no longer sell home roasting units for several reasons:  We cannot compete with Amazon, both in pricing and return policy.  Being a very small company at the time, we simply could not purchase inventory at the same costs that larger companies could.  By not offering home roasting units, we can better focus on sourcing green coffee. We thoroughly enjoy cupping different coffee varietals to pick out the best ones with which to make available on this web site.  It is what we do best!

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“Such a cool place!! I suggest you wake early and go grab a coffee at this coffee shop. They also have yummy gelato and desserts. Sit and talk while relaxing in this cozy atmosphere soaking up the delicious coffee and treats.”

Shannon G.
Phoenix, AZ

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