green coffee beans

Brazil Dulcineia dos Santos Black Honey

"Honey prep" colors range from white honey, yellow honey, gold honey, red honey, and black honey and refer to a specific level of a process in which the seeds are partially dried with a certain amount of mucilage left on them. The "mucilage" is actually "the meat" of the coffee cherry itself. (Coffee beans are not beans at all, but rather they are seeds that grow inside a "coffee cherry" that looks just like that - a cherry). This mucilage is extremely sweet and sticky - like honey. Hence the term. The lighter the color description, the less of this mucilage was left on the bean during the honey processing, with "black" meaning a large amount of mucilage was left on the beans while drying. The end result is to maximize sweetness. This is an excellent coffee for all brewing methods, including espresso.

Cupping Notes: Light orange citrus, pine nuts, syrupy sweetness. The citrus notes and sweetness becoming much more pronounced as the cup cools.

Roasting Notes: Does well as a light roast; however a medium roast seems to be the sweet spot. In order to bring out the best coffee has to offer, let it rest for 3-4 days before using.


Note: these are unroasted green coffee beans