green coffee beans

Colombia Supremo - Sur de Huila

This tasty Supremo comes to us in Grain-pro lined jute bags to help preserve moisture content and prevent contamination of the beans. It is a co-op coffee with not many defects. It roasts up nicely and is what one would expect from an all-around nice Colombian coffee.

Cupping Notes: Moderate-to-Intense dry aroma; becoming less intense during wet and break. Ripe citrus top notes, medium body. At a light roast grains such as rice or wheat are noticed (typical for a Colombian coffee). Malty at a darker roast. Pleasant sweet finish as the cup cools.

Roasting Notes: Being a fairly hard and dense bean, this coffee holds up well to darker roasts. Roast it no lighter than City+. Medium roast seems to bring out the best characteristics including aroma and body.

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Note: these are un roasted green coffee beans