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Colombia Decaf (MWP)

This is a Mountain Water Processed decaf in which no chemical solvents were used in the decaffeinated process. The bean roast very evenly and retain the distinctiveness of non-decaf Colombians. Vibrant and pleasing to the taste.

An excellent choice for all brewing methods, including espresso. For wonderful experience, Try some in a double or even triple shot cappuccino or latte.

Cupping Notes: Caramel aroma and flavor, silky smooth and more fruity ness than one would expect from a decaf beans, in which a lot of acidity tends to become muted as a function of the decaffeination process. Well-rounded body,balanced, and uniform.

Roasting Notes: These beans roast nicely and can be roasted darker than most decaffeinated beans before they exhibit oily ness on the bean exterior. They are very easy to roast.


Please note: These are Un-Roasted coffee beans that need to be roasted before brewing. Decaffeinated beans look dark and have been known to trick people into grinding and brewing them without roasting them (seriously)!

colombia coffee

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Note: these are un roasted green coffee beans used for home coffee roasting