Papua New Guinea - Sigri Estate

Sigri coffee plantation, located in the Waghi Valley in the Western Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea was established over 50 years ago and rapidly gained the reputation for producing the finest Arabic coffee in the country. Their quality control begins in the field.

Cherry coffee is hand-picked and is painstakingly checked for uniformity. It must be red and fully ripe which is necessary to obtain the correct balance of sugar and acid within the cherry. The selected cherries are then pulped on the same day of picking. The fermentation process follows with a period of three days broken every 24 hours by washing. Unlike most other coffees, the Sigri process follows this by total immersion in water for an extra day. This creates an amazingly superior coffee. Sun drying further enhances the coffee and, unlike many other green coffees from this region all Sigri coffee is dun dried.

Cupping Notes: Medium to low intensity dry aroma, becoming more intense during the wet break. Cedar, pipe tobacco, mild acidity. Clean cup. Sweet.

Roasting Notes: City to Full City, depending on the brew style and personal preference. We prefer medium roast. Will add lots of sweetness when used as an espresso blend component.,

Note: these are unroasted green coffee beans