green coffee beans

Brazil Daterra "Sweet Blue "

Daterra Farms is a very large, technologically advanced operation which produces a variety of coffees on its plantations. As with all green coffee beans from there are are some of the cleanest and well processed beans we see. The green coffee comes to us vacuum packed in foil bags to protect from moisture and other possible contaminates on its journey from the coffee shrub to your cup!

This coffee is very sweet and is an excellent choice for a single origin espresso, or as the base part of a blend.


Cupping Notes: Moderate dry aroma, becoming more intense on the wet break. Lots of Almonds and other assorted nuts. Mild acidity. Lots of sweetness. Clean and well balanced.

Roasting Notes: Medium roast. Roast them too light and they become grassy in taste.

Organic and Rainforest Certified

Note: these are unroasted green coffee beans