green coffee beans

Costa Rica Tarraz˙ Hacienda La Manga

From one of the La Minita farms, Finca La Manga is a unique varietal called Hibrido Tico. "Hibrido" means "hybrid", "Tico" is varietal. The beans have undergone what is known as a Yellow Honey processing in which the seeds (beans) are left in the cherries to ferment to a very certain point under weather conditions unique to the region. This technique has the effect of increasing sweetness and certain flavor characteristics. As with most (if not all ) La Minita farms, Finca La Manga is Rainforest Alliance certified, meaning careful management of the surrounding forest as well as bird habitat is observed.

Cupping Notes: Very bright, sweet and medium-full body. hazelnut, milk chocolate,, and bittersweet cocoa.

Roasting Notes: Medium roast. The beans are large and should roast up very evenly. If you like dark, La Manga is a good one to do it with. Roasting darker will bring out more caramel-chocolatey flavors (not too dark though!). Roasted too light, say City, some of the flavors will not fully develope.

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Note: these are un roasted green coffee beans