green coffee beans

Costa Rica Tarrazu - Hacienda La Minita Estate

La Minita is perhaps the best known of all the coffees from the Tarrazu growing region. It has received considerable press exposure and public acclaim.

Simply put, this coffee is terrific and thoroughly enjoyable. La Minita prides itself on being amongst the most meticulously grown and prepared coffees in the world. The La Minita plantation lies on 700 acres in the steeply graded, mountainous Tarrazu region with elevations between 4,000 to 7,000 feet. The estate farm produces several qualities of coffee but their signature coffee, La Minita Tarrazu, has very limited production; approximately 1700 bags per year . The attention to detail is extreme, beginning with what can be described as ordinary gardening techniques, but on a large scale, as all the work is done by hand.

Cupping notes: Intense dry aroma, bright acidity, grapefruit, exceptionally clean cup and very well balanced. Full body. Fruitiness turns to smooth vanilla as it cools. Well balanced, Pleasant lingering aftertaste. Elegant.

Roasting Note: City to City++. Roast this coffee lighter than normal. If you roast to the same temperature (assuming you have a bean temperature probe) as you would for most other bean's typical temperature, the beans will appear very dark. They really like to be roasted lightly, which produces the best flavors and aromatics this coffee has to offer. Roasting a little darker produces dark chocolaty notes, but the brightness diminishes .


la minita coffee bag

Note: these are green coffee beans