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Ethiopia Amaro - Organic

The Lady pictured at the top of the post is Mrs.. Asnakech Thomas, who was born in Amara, one of the first-class coffee regions in Southern Ethiopia. She founded her business in 2006 and was the first and only female coffee producer and exporter from Ethiopia. Amaro Coffee is producing washed and sun-dried organic, arabica coffee. The company owns 250 hectares of coffee farmland and works together with more than 500 registered farmers. However, Mrs Thomas is continuously expanding her business. We waited a long time for this coffee and it is finally here, don’t miss out on tasting this coffee jewel, there is no other coffee bean that comes close in terms of the flavor profile of this very special coffee. The green coffee we offer is the sun-dried process version.


Cupping Notes: Strawberry, fig, sweet fruits, creamy body.

Roasting Notes: City to City plus for drip, pour overs, and French press. Take it right up to second crack (but not into) for espresso to really bring out the strawberry jam-like flavors.

ehiopia lady

amaro gayo blueberrys


Note: these are green coffee beans