India Kaapi Royale Robusta

Kaapi Royale Robusta does not have the rubbery aftertaste typically associated with low grade robusta, making it ideal for playing an integral role in Southern Italian style espresso blends. Also unlike typical robusta, there are no defects in this coffee! Screen size 17. This coffee roasts much more uniformly than other robusta's. A must have component for those experimenting with espresso blends. The caffeine content of these beans is approximately 1.5x that of arabica type coffees.

Cupping Notes: Medium-intense dry aroma, sun-dried tomatoes, leather-wine like.

Roasting Notes: If using for a blend component, it is okay to pre-blend this coffee with other varietals since it roasts similar to washed arabica beans of similar size. City++ to Full City roast.

Note: these are unroasted green coffee beans