Indian Monsooned Malabar

Josuma Super Grade AA

Monsooned Malabar coffee is artificially aged by spreading the coffee out on large beds in which monsoon winds, saturated with moisture, blow over the drying beans producing a delicious earthy taste and medium body.

All Monsooned Malabar coffee is not alike! Josuma Malabar is created from the highest quality specialty-grade Indian coffee available. If you want to add an incredible amount of sweetness and crema to an espresso blend, this is the coffee to use.

Cupping Notes: Pleasant dry aroma becoming more intense on the wet break. Fresh bread-like earthy flavor. Malt and light chocolate. Low acidity, high on buttery sweetness. Full body. Pleasant lingering aftertaste.

Roasting Notes: While often it is perfectly okay to pre-blend different coffee varietals before roasting them, these beans really need to be roasted separately. The size and moisture content is so different that you won't be able to control the roast level properly.

Note: these are unroasted green coffee beans