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Kenya Kahiriga Grade AA

These high density and high quality Kenya coffee beans were purchased from teh Kahiriga, Cooperative. This particular co-op is made up of a group of societies in the region of Muranga County, Kenya. The beans were hulled and graded by Sasani Coffee Mill. Grow nd and milled on the slopes of Mount Kenya.

One of the unique coffee processes typical of Kenya is allowing the coffee to soak in fresh water for approximately twenty-four hours after the fermentation process is complete. This is believed to reduce coffee bitterness. So why don't other countries use the process? We don't really know! Why are only Indonesian coffees a combination of wet/dry processing? Something we ponder every day, seriously.


Cupping Notes: Malt dry aroma becoming more intense as a wet aroma. Flavor is orange-berry like and very citrusy, becoming very sweet and clean tasting as the cup cools. Pleasant lingering aftertaste.

Roasting Notes: If possible, slow the heat way down after 1st crack and drop the beans before they hit 2nd crack. This coffee was not meant to be dark roasted. Since most home coffee roasting units don't have heat control, try using larger than normal batches to help stretch out the time from 1st crack until the end. Roasting a few minutes longer than normal actually seems to improve overall flavor and aroma.

Note: this is unroasted green coffee