Lost Dutchman Coffee

Mocca Java Blend

If you want something that will really knock your socks off, give our Mocca Java blend a try! The beans for this blends are sourced from Indonesia and Northern Africa (as they should be). The traditional Mocca Java has two coffees....one from Yemen Mocca, the other from the Indonesian island of Java. The coffees from these two growing regions are hugely inconsistent. We typically find not only are the lots from Yemen Mocca quite different, but so are the individual bags from the same lots! This is attributable to the many, many small growers that contribute coffees that are included in a single lot. Java's can vary quite a bit also. A lot of times the only available Java has too "earthy" of a taste for us.

To maintain consistency, we use coffee sourced from nearby regions grown only on estate farms. Estate farms generally try to protect their reputation by offering consistent tasting coffee.

People who should drink this: Folks that are into Extreme Sports and thrill seekers, and anyone who likes large roller coasters.

Note: these are un roasted, green coffee beans