India Monsooned Robusta

Grown and processed with the same great care as its famous Arabica cousin, Monsooned Malabar, this robusta is really nice for home roasting enthusiasts wanting to add both caffeine and crema to their espresso blends but without some of the harshness typical of a lot of robusta coffees. We suspect part of the reason for this is the monsooning process tends to mellow out the coffee giving it a pleasant, but firm taste.

Special Note: If you are not familiar with robusta-type coffee, it is very different than the arabica beans we sell. It has around 1.5x the caffeine as arabica. Even the best quality robusta can have a harshness to it that some folks might not like (it can help make you grow a better mustache, even if you couldn't grow one before). At Lost Dutchman Coffee Roasters, we feel it is best used as a crema-enhancer in Southern Italian type espresso blends (15-20% blend component is a good place to start). Or if you just like a caffeine kick in the pants, then Monsooned Robusta is a good choice. It is the very best monsooned robusta we can find anywhere.

Cupping Notes: Medium-intense dry aroma, sun-dried tomatoes, leather-wine like.

Roasting Notes: If using for a blend component, do not pre-blend this coffee with other varietals since it roasts very differently. Full City roast.

Note: these are unroasted green coffee beans